What is an Inbox and do I need one?

I know you are probably thinking from reading the blog title: Planners have an inbox? Do I need one?

Truth of the matter is, yes! Planners do have an inbox (depending on the planner setup and the individual) and it depends on a person’s personal preference. An inbox could be used in one person’s planner as a way to remember important dates or bills to pay; while in another it may be used as a dashboard to hold sticky notes to detonate important tasks or even trackers.

Shannon of planajourneyinbecoming on Instagram describes her planner inbox as follows:

“I first learned about the inbox dashboard/divider set up from Cloth and Paper. It was created as "white board" system like dashboard to jot down quick notes that necessarily didn't need a permanent home in your planner. Planner companies such as Cloth and Paper, Ellemonpaper co, and 8lotus created an actual vellum dashboard that has the word "Inbox" on them. Others within the planner community like myself, simply use a clear or frosted divider from companies such as DividersRUS as our Inbox. There are three ways I have seen people use them:
1. You could write directly on them using a dry erase marker.
2. Add a small strip of adhesive tape to the back of a group of sticky notes or sticky tabs and place them on the dashboard/divider.

3. Simply use them to store your sticky notes in your planner (see option 2 for how to create this look).

Shannon also writes:

“I like adding the adhesive tape to the back of sticky notes and placing them on my clear divider. I use my inboxes for my most important quick notes that need my immediate attention that day or for the week. I may jot down a order I need to complete for a client, an important note for one of my PhD courses, or an errand to run for home. My inbox helps keep super important things to complete in the front of my mind and planner so I don't forget about them. Hopefully it you decide to use one, it will do the same for you!”
Will you incorporate a inbox into your planner? Why or why not?

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