Pocket Cards for Diy Task Cards

The latest trend to take on the planner world are task cards. What are task cards you ask?


Task cards are cards that hold removable page flags that have certain tasks printed on them (such as pay bill, wash bed sheets, meal plan, etc.). When a task needs to be done, you simply lift the page flag and affix it to the date that you would like the task to be completed on (or simply lift and move it to another day). 

Task cards come extremely handy if you simply would like to save writing space by not writing a reoccurring task in your planner or (in my case) suffer from severe carpel tunnel. 

The great thing about task cards is that they are completely customizable to an individuals needs. If you want an entire rainbow of task cards, so be it. If you want an entire set of task cards dedicate to at home tasks, so be it. Your system should compliment you and provide you with maximum productivity.

Task cards were made and developed by MadyPlans on IG. In her blog, she details more about the task card system and why she created it. She also sells the task cards so please check with her about purchasing your own set of task cards.

*In my shop, I simply sell the pocket cards for you to make your own task cards.


If you would like to make your own task cards, please watch this youtube video for more information. 



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