To A6 or To Personal?

Size difference between a Personal Planner (left, Kate Spade ZIP around) and a True A6 planner (right, Jelly Planner, Salty Katie Co)

One planner size that is extremely popular is the True A6 or A6 Planner size. If you live in the United States, you are probably thinking that True A6 is the same is the same as Personal size.


True A6 and Personal size planners have a few differences that go beyond just the size of the paper. 

True A6

  • Inserts are sized 4.1 x 5.8 inches.
  • Shorter and wider than started personal size inserts.
  • Paper is half the size of A5 paper.
  • Commonly sold overseas in China, United Kingdom, and Sweden.
  • Shops that sell True A6 Binders include, but are not limited to; are Mulberry, Van der Spek, Gillio, PrintPression, Salty Katie Co, Mystic Little Gifts, and PelleStudio. (please note that Pelle Studio is on a temporary break due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. If you have any questions, please follow them on IG (@Pelle_Studio) for more updates

Insert size difference between a personal planner (PeanutsPlannerCo) and True A6 (JeseniaPrintables)

Punching for A6 inserts

Ring spacing and hole spacing for A6 organizers is different than Personal Size. I currently own the Rapesco Adjustable Hole Punch. It comes in different colors and its adjustable! It also has a setting for Pocket, A6, Personal, and A5. 

There are numerous shops that sell both printed and printable versions of A6 inserts. Majority of planner shops list the measurements of their inserts and if you email them, I'm pretty sure they will be glad to assist you!

For the planner babes that own an A6, do you love it? What would be a few things you could change? Leave your comments below!


  • Just got my order from you and I ordered wrong, again. Now
    I have three sizes in my planner and can’t get started yet.
    Please may I return these?

    Patricia Adams
  • Hello Patricia!

    Can you send me an email at and I will try my best to help you!


    Ashley McGuffries
  • I purchased a Van Der Spek in Standard size. Having to order inserts is killing me because can’t determine size.
    Order came from UK and personal fit but was narrow. A5 was too tall and too wide.
    What do you have that will fit?
    I am getting desperate!!!!

    Patricia Adams

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